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Are you curious about whether dental sealants might be a good option for your molars? While brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day go a long way to ward off tooth decay and gum disease, sometimes it is not enough. Along with regular six-month dental cleanings, dental sealants can help support your oral health by strengthening your teeth against decay.


This is actually particularly useful when it comes to your molars, those teeth in the back of your mouth which are a challenge to keep clear of bacteria, food particles, and plaque. These teeth are riddled with natural grooves and fissures on the top surface. Unfortunately, these allow sticky biofilm and debris to collect in, and that leaves them vulnerable to acids that erode the molar’s enamel. When this happens, tiny holes can form, and the acid makes its way to harm the dentin and tooth pulp, endangering the tooth.


With dental sealants, your molar tops are insulated against decay. Application of these sealants is quick and painless. Used on both primary and secondary molars, they work to prevent cavities and maintain the structural integrity of the tooth. This is done in just a few steps:


  •         The tooth is cleaned and dried.
  •         The grooves are exposed to an acid gel for a few seconds to create a rough surface for the sealant to bond to.
  •         Next, the acid gel is rinsed off and the tooth is dried.
  •         Finally, the molar grooves are coated and the sealant hardened. Sometimes a special light is used for this process.

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