Advancements in dental technology are happening all the time. And Dr. Bowcutt knows that in order to provide his Cedar Park, TX, patients with the very best care possible, he needs to make good use of those advancements at every opportunity. 

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Our Advanced Technology

Intraoral camera – This remarkable device allows Dr. Bowcutt to obtain more complete, higher quality images of the patient’s entire mouth. Traditionally, dentists had to simply perform a visual examination using a mirror, but the intraoral camera provides digital images of every portion of the patient’s mouth, allowing for improved diagnostics and treatment.

Trios digital scanner – If you’ve ever had traditional dental impressions made, you probably remember the discomfort of having the “goopy” dental mold material in your mouth and holding it there while it hardened enough to create the impression. Thanks to the Trios digital scanner, those days are gone! This amazing instrument allows Dr. Bowcutt to create accurate digital impressions – without the goop!

CBCT Vatech ultra low dose – Over the past several decades, when traditional x-rays were taken in both doctors’ and dentists’ offices, patients were left to worry if the radiation they were exposed to during those x-rays would harm them in some way. But today, thanks to equipment like the CBCT Vatech ultra low dose digital x-ray technology, there’s no need to worry. Just as the name implies, this x-ray technology exposes patients to extremely low doses of radiation – all while providing exceptionally high quality digital images.

Soft tissue laser – In years past, any type of gum procedure would involve use of a scalpel, sutures, and long recovery periods. Today, those procedures have been revolutionized with use of a soft tissue laser. This technology is much less invasive than simply cutting through tissue – it reduces bleeding, minimizes discomfort on the part of the patient, simplifies the procedure for the dentist, and greatly reduces recovery time.

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