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Some lucky people never need to get their wisdom teeth removed. If they grow in without problems, there is little reason to do it. But, there are some situations that make it absolutely necessary to remove wisdom teeth. Here are a few:

Dental Appliances

Getting orthodontic work done, whether getting braces or another dental appliance put in, is probably the most common reason for removal of wisdom teeth. The orthodontist will want to have some room to shift the other teeth around, and the wisdom teeth are the first ones to go.

Reduce Crowding

Speaking of making space. Sometimes the other teeth in your mouth may just be too tightly crammed together for the liking of your dentist. In that case, they may recommend wisdom tooth removal in order to alleviate the problem.

Bite and Alignment Issues

Sometimes the wisdom teeth create a problem where they throw off proper bite alignment due to their preventing contact by the top and bottom teeth. If one or more grows above the other molars, this can happen and will become a critical issue.

Protrusion Abnormalities

If growing in at an odd angle, even when not affecting bite alignment, sometimes wisdom teeth will rub against other structures in the mouth, causing discomfort. In these cases, it is wise to remove them.

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