What are the Most Affordable Dentures in Cedar Park, Texas?

If you’re missing teeth – whether it’s just a few, or all of them – or if you know that you’ll have to have your teeth extracted in the future for whatever reason, you should rest assured that there are many different ways to replace those teeth. Dentures, for example, have actually been around in one form or another for hundreds and hundreds of years. And even better news – today’s dentures are more comfortable, durable, and natural-looking than ever. If you’re living in or around the Cedar Park, Texas area and need to have some or all of your teeth replaced, you may be wondering what type of dentures are the most affordable. That’s why we’ve compiled the following information about the price range of dentures, as well as what factors into their overall cost.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?


If you’re just missing a few teeth, it may be tempting to simply live without them. But if you don’t replace teeth you’ve lost, it can have long-term negative consequences. After a certain period of time, the other remaining teeth in your mouth will actually shift in position in an effort to fill in the gap left behind by your missing teeth. When that happens, it can cause uneven wearing down of the surface of your teeth. It can also throw your bite off, which can lead to jaw problems. If you are missing several teeth, it can eventually cause your face to take on a sunken appearance. And the loss of even a single tooth can compromise the health of your jawbone. So for all these reasons – not to mention how difficult it can become to eat certain foods and speak clearly – you should talk to your dentist about which tooth replacement option is best for you.

What You Should Know about Dentures

One of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth is with dentures. There are many different types of dentures available, and the prices vary depending on many different factors. Generally speaking, there are two broad categories of dentures: full sets and partial sets. Just as the name implies, if you are missing a few teeth, you’ll need a partial set; and if you are missing all your teeth, you’ll need a full set of dentures. But the differences don’t stop with full and partial sets. In fact, there are many variations of dentures, and the price varies broadly – mostly due to the different types of materials that dentures are made from. But the cost of dentures also depends on which dentist you choose. While it’s true that you can find extremely cheap dentures from a provider that offers bargain basement prices, remember that you’ll get what you pay for. Dentures that are poorly made and/or fit poorly are not only more susceptible to breaking – they are also much more likely to be painful to wear. So it’s important that you choose high quality dentures from a provider with many years of experience in providing and fitting dentures for their clients.


Generally speaking, dentures typically range between $600 and $8,000. The exact price that you pay will depend on several different factors, including the following:

  • Full versus partial dentures – It probably goes without saying that full sets of dentures typically cost more than partials. So if you have just a few missing teeth, you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to replace those teeth with a partial set of dentures.
  • What materials the dentures are made from – Dental labs use a wide variety of different materials to create full and partial sets of dentures, and the type of material used can make a big difference in the cost of the appliance. Dentures made from metal are more durable and usually a bit more expensive than sets made from acrylic, for example. So you may decide to buy a less expensive set of acrylic dentures, but you may end up having to replace them more often than you would a more durable set of dentures made from metal. Your dentist can provide you with a complete description of the different materials that dentures are made from and approximately how long it will be before they’ll need to be replaced – all of which can help you make the best buying decision upfront.
  • Removable dentures vs. fixed dentures – Traditional dentures can be removed by the patient for cleaning, and typically need to be soaked in water or a denture solution when they’re not being worn. But there are other non-removable appliances – also referred to as “fixed dentures” – that remain in the patient’s mouth permanently. In most instances, fixed dentures are anchored by dental implants (replacement teeth with metal rod “roots” that are implanted into the patient’s jawbone). Fixed appliances provide many advantages since they don’t move around inside the mouth and don’t require any special cleaning regimen. But they are usually more expensive, and the price will include the cost of the dental implant procedure.
  • The extraction procedure – If you need to have your teeth removed, you should factor in the cost of the extraction procedure and include that in your total denture price.
  • The experience of your provider – When it comes to choosing a provider for your dental services and/or dentures, always select one with years of experience in fitting patients with dentures and performing associated dental services. Although an experienced dentist may charge a bit more for his or her services and dental appliances, that extra money will be worth every penny in the long run.

While it’s true that dentures aren’t cheap, the vast majority of denture wearers would agree that it’s worth the investment to enjoy all the benefits provided by a good-fitting set of full or partial dentures. And most dentists are more than willing to work out some type of a payment plan for their services and dental appliances. To find out more about which are the most affordable dentures in the Cedar Park, Texas area, contact an experienced, qualified dentist today and schedule an appointment.

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