Six Month Smiles Before and After: What to Expect

The benefits of having a beautiful smile go beyond simply looking better. In fact, studies show that people with attractive smiles generally have a higher sense of self-esteem and more self-confidence than other people, and that they are viewed in a more positive light by others – not to mention the obvious benefits brought by good oral health. So it makes sense from just about any perspective to do whatever you can to improve the appearance of your smile. For many people, that means having straighter teeth.

Thanks to advancements in orthodontic technology, dental patients from throughout the Cedar Park, Texas area and around the US can choose from a variety of teeth-straightening options. One that has become increasingly popular over the past few years is Six Month Smiles. Just as the name implies, this method produces results in a remarkably short period of time, making it an appealing treatment for many people. If you’re looking into different teeth-straightening options, keep reading to learn more about Six Month Smiles before and after results.


An Introduction to Six Month Smiles

Two of the most widely known methods for straightening teeth are traditional metal braces and plastic aligner trays. Metal braces are extremely effective, which is why they have been used by dentists for over 100 years. Plastic aligner trays, while also effective, provide the added benefit of being clear-colored and virtually undetectable by other people. Six Month Smiles offers patients the best of both worlds.

Six Month Smiles has many similarities with traditional braces. The treatment involves brackets that are bonded to the patient’s teeth and arch wires that are threaded through each bracket. The difference is that Six Month Smile brackets are clear and the arch wires are tooth-colored, making them barely noticeable to other people. Every few weeks, the Six Month Smiles patient needs to return to the dentist or orthodontist to have the braces adjusted. Finally, after a few months, the end result is a straighter, more beautiful smile! While most people see results in six months, you should know that the treatment can last between 4 and 9 months, depending on the severity of the patient’s teeth issues.

Who Are Good Candidates for Six Month Smiles?

Although these clear braces do have some similarities with traditional metal braces, Six Month Smile brackets are placed only on teeth that are in the front of the patient’s mouth. So anyone with the following issues that affect primarily their front teeth may be good candidates for Six Month Smiles:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded (overlapping) teeth
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

The Six Month Smile method of straightening teeth is intended for adults with minor to moderate issues with their front teeth. It is not designed to be used on children or people with severely crooked teeth. So if your problems can’t be correct by Six Month Smiles, your dentist may recommend another teeth-straightening method, such as traditional metal braces or plastic aligner trays.

What to Expect: Six Month Smiles Before and After

People often seek help from a dentist or orthodontist because they are embarrassed by their smiles and would like to enjoy all the benefits that come with having a more attractive smile.

But there could be other reasons as well. It’s possible that people with crooked teeth or gaps in between their teeth may experience difficulties in speaking or eating food properly, for example.

The first step in the process is to determine whether or not Six Month Smiles is the right teeth-straightening treatment. While these clear braces are quite effective for many people, Six Month Smiles is considered to be a cosmetic procedure that works on realigning only the anterior teeth and not the teeth at the back of the mouth. The patient’s dentist or orthodontist can help make the determination whether or not Six Month Smiles is the best choice for that individual.

The initial appointment with the dentist or orthodontist will include getting X-rays, photographs and 3D impressions of the front teeth. Based on the information gathered, the dental provider will then create a plan for the patient’s treatment, and will have the clear brackets custom made for that individual. During a second visit, the dentist will bond the brackets to each of the patient’s front teeth, then thread tooth-colored arch wires through each one. Afterward, the patient will need to visit the dentist or orthodontist every few weeks to have the braces adjusted.

For the first few weeks after getting their new Six Month Smile braces, most patients experience a certain amount of discomfort. This is normal, since it takes a while to adjust to wearing braces. Most dental providers will recommend over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication when it’s appropriate. And they may also suggest that the patient place wax over the areas of the braces that might be irritating cheek or gum tissue. Most dentists also recommend that people wearing braces stay away from hard and sticky foods that may damage or dislodge the braces, as well as reducing exposure to foods and drinks that may stain the clear brackets (such as coffee and tea, red sauces, berries, etc.). Patients are also strongly encouraged to practice good oral hygiene by brushing three times a day and flossing twice a day.

After a period of months – ranging between 4 and 9, but typically 6 months later – after the braces are removed, patients will see a remarkable improvement in the quality of their smiles. And, similar to traditional metal braces, most patients will need to wear a retainer after treatment to ensure that their teeth stay in their new, straighter positions.

Contact Your Dental Provider to Learn More

For some dental patients in the Cedar Park, Texas area, Six Month Smiles can be an excellent choice for achieving a straighter, more beautiful smile in a fraction of the time required with traditional metal braces and plastic aligner treatments. And while it’s true that this effective teeth-straightening method may not be the right choice for everyone, rest assured that if you want straighter teeth, modern dental technology will provide a method for you to reach that goal. To find out more about Six Month Smiles before and after results, as well as other teeth-straightening treatments, contact your dentist or orthodontist today and schedule an appointment. You could be a short 6 months away from a more beautiful smile!

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