Six Month Smiles®

Dr. Bowcutt knows exactly how important it is to have an attractive smile. And studies conducted over the past few years prove that fact. Researchers have found that people with attractive smiles actually smile more often, and that when you smile more often, you actually feel happier! If that won’t change the quality of your life for the better, then nothing can. That’s why Dr. Bowcutt is so pleased to offer Six Month Smiles® as one of several teeth-straightening methods he offers to his patients from throughout the Cedar Park, TX, area.

Six Month Smile Bowcutt Dental

How It Works

Dental technology has made huge advancements in the past several years, and perhaps nowhere is that more obvious than in the variety of methods available to straighten teeth. One of those is Six Month Smiles®. The process begins with Dr. Bowcutt assessing your oral health and deciding whether or not you are a good candidate for this method. If you are, he’ll start by using digital imaging to create a complete picture of your teeth as they are right now. Those digital images will then be used to create a set of clear custom braces. Once your braces are ready, Dr. Bowcutt will bond them to your teeth. From that point on, you’ll simply need to visit our office periodically so we can check on your progress.

Advantages of Six Month Smiles®

In addition to the fact that your new braces will be made of clear plastic, which means that they’ll be barely noticeable by other people, the biggest advantage in this system is that it usually takes only about six months to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile! That’s a fraction of the time it usually takes for traditional braces to work, which is typically between two and three years! The secret lies in the fact that Six Month Smiles® works to straighten only the teeth that are visible when you smile. The result is not only fast, but beautiful as well!

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