Tips for New Clear Correct Patients

Growing up, you may have gotten braces. You may still think these are a rite of passage for teenagers; however, orthodontic care has come a long way. Now, there are multiple options available for those who are looking to improve their smile. One option is ClearCorrect. If you are new to ClearCorrect, then you need to work with a dentist in Cedar Park, TX, such as Dr. Kevin Bowcutt, who can assist you. Then, you need to put yourself in the best position possible to be successful during your treatment.

Take a look at a few important tips you should follow if you want to maximize your ClearCorrect results.


1. Take Care of Your Clear Aligners

If you want your teeth to look beautiful at the end of your treatment, you need to take care of your aligners. Just as you brush and floss your teeth every day, you need to care for your trays as well. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of work for you to keep your aligners clean. Make sure you clean them using plenty of warm water and a toothbrush. Try to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles so you do not damage the trays. You should also use an antibacterial soap to make sure any pathogens in the trays are completely removed. It doesn’t take very long, and it can make a significant difference in your treatment.

2. Stay Focused on the First Few Days

Even though you need to follow all instructions related to the treatment, the most important time during the treatment process is the first few days. These are the days when your teeth are going to move the most, so you need to be diligent. Even though the aligners might feel a bit weird at first, you need to stick with them, keep them in your mouth, and get the process going. Once you develop a habit of keeping your aligners in your mouth, you’ll have an easier time completing the rest of the treatment process.

3. Don’t Let Your Teeth Get Stained

If you drink tea or coffee regularly, you probably know what stains look like on your teeth. This is an even bigger problem when you use clear aligners. Even though you probably brush and floss your teeth properly, you might have food, beverages, and other debris stuck in the aligners. If you allow them to stay in the aligners, you will simply plaster them to the front of your teeth, causing your teeth to get stained. Therefore, be very careful if you eat beets, drink coffee, or consume wine. These are some of the most common substances that can cause your teeth to get stained. You need to make sure they don’t stick to your teeth, and this means keeping them out of your aligners.

4. Follow the Schedule

When you decide to go with clear aligners, you will be given a schedule. The schedule will let you know how long you are supposed to wear each tray and when you are supposed to switch to the next set. Make sure you follow the schedule. If you delay the process of switching from one tray to another, it will simply take you longer to get to the end. If you have questions about how the schedule works, you should reach out to a dentist in Cedar Park, TX, such as Dr. Kevin Bowcutt, who can help you.

5. Always Put Your Aligners in the Case

As soon as you take out your aligners, your teeth will begin the process of moving back to their original locations. Therefore, you need to protect your aligners from getting damaged. One of the ways to do that is to develop a habit of always putting them in the case when you take them out of your mouth. If you think you will put your aligners on your lunch tray, make an effort to put them in your case instead. You do not want to throw them away with your garbage. You also do not want your aligners to get damaged by leaving them in your pocket. Put them in the case where they will be safe.

6. Carry a Toothbrush With You

One of the risks of clear aligners is that you could trap bacteria in between your teeth, making it harder for you to remove them. Therefore, you should always carry a travel toothbrush with you. That way, you can make sure that you remove all debris from your teeth and your aligners before you put them back in. If you have questions about what toothbrush is best for clear aligner treatment, you should reach out to your dentist. He or she may have a few samples you can use to keep your teeth as clean as possible.

7. Call the Cedar Park Dentist with Any Questions

If you ever think there is something wrong with your treatment, you need to reach out to a Cedar Park Dentist, such as Dr. Kevin Bowcutt, as quickly as possible. No matter how minor you think the concern might be, it could have a significant impact on the final outcome of your treatment. The sooner this problem is addressed, the faster you can get yourself back on track. No question is too small, so remain vigilant during your treatment, and make sure you follow the instructions of your dentist.

Partner with Dr. Kevin Bowcutt in Cedar Park, TX for Help with ClearCorrect

If you are looking for an effective treatment option that can give you the smile you deserve, you should partner with a dentist in Cedar Park, TX who can help you. Dr. Kevin Bowcutt has a tremendous amount of experience with ClearCorrect, and he can help you figure out if this is the right treatment option for you. If you have questions or concerns about orthodontic treatment, call today to schedule an appointment. That way, you can end up with the beautiful smile that you deserve.

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