Thanks to modern dental technology, there are a lot of different methods available to straighten your smile.

This is great news because every dental patient is different, and while one method may work for one person, it may not be appropriate for another.

That’s why Dr. Bowcutt offers his Cedar Park, TX, area patients with a variety of teeth-straightening methods. One of those is ClearCorrect.

ClearCorrect Bowcutt Dental

What You Should Know about ClearCorrect

The ClearCorrect system is similar to other invisible aligners in that it involves the patient wearing a set of clear plastic trays that work to gradually straighten teeth over the course of several months. The trays are virtually invisible to other people, and they can be removed by the patient to make it easier to eat meals and brush and floss.

ClearCorrect aligners are lighter in weight because they are made of a thinner, less visible material. ClearCorrect is made in the USA.

The process begins with an appointment with Dr. Bowcutt to find out if you’re a good candidate for this teeth-straightening method. If you are, then we’ll provide the ClearCorrect laboratory with everything they need to create your custom aligner trays. Based on the information we send, the ClearCorrect laboratory will map out a treatment plan to straighten your teeth. You’ll receive this plan through the mail, which will include a computerized image of what your teeth will look like after the process is complete.

Dr. Bowcutt will provide you with a new set of aligners every three weeks, as your teeth gradually shift into their new, straighter positions. You’ll also need to come into our office periodically so he can check your progress. The ClearCorrect process takes between one and two years to complete, depending on how misaligned your teeth are to begin with.

Important Reminders about Teeth-Straightening Methods

Because each patient is different, you may or may not be a good candidate for ClearCorrect. That’s why it’s so important to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bowcutt to learn more about the different methods available. At that meeting, Dr. Bowcutt can assess your needs, then recommend which method would be best for you.

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