Traditional braces have been around for a very long time. In fact, believe it or not, braces were first invented in 1728! Of course, today’s braces are much more advanced than those early appliances.

Still, the basic concept behind using braces to straighten teeth remains the same, and there’s a very good reason for that – it works! That’s why Dr. Bowcutt is pleased to provide traditional braces as one of  several tooth-straightening services he provides to his patients from throughout the Cedar Park, TX, area.

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Why Choose Traditional Braces?

Modern dental technology offers several different options for straightening teeth. So you might be wondering why you should choose traditional braces. These tried-and-true appliances do come with certain advantages:

  • Compared to other teeth-straightening methods, traditional braces are somewhat less expensive. This is a real consideration for patients with insurance policies that only provide partial coverage for orthodontics.
  • Traditional braces are very strong and durable, unlike some other appliances for straightening teeth (such as plastic aligner trays, for example) that can break if they’re not handled properly.
  • The patient can’t remove traditional braces. Some more modern methods of straightening teeth allow the patient to remove the appliance for eating, brushing and flossing. That may sound like an advantage, but it also makes it possible for the patient to avoid wearing the appliance for the recommended time each day – which a young teenager, for example, may be tempted to do.

Important Reminders about Braces

Here are some important reminders if you choose traditional braces for yourself or your child:

  • You’ll need to come in regularly for follow-up visits. Braces need to be adjusted periodically by Dr. Bowcutt in order to work properly.
  • You should avoid certain foods. Stay away from anything too hard or chewy food that might get caught in your braces.
  • You should be diligent about your daily oral hygiene routine. Adequately cleaning your teeth and gums can be a challenge for patients who wear braces.

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