What Are Typical Porcelain Veneer Prices in Cedar Park, Texas?


Porcelain veneers can turn almost any grin into a picture-perfect, movie star smile! This amazing dental technology is quick and easy, and has proven to be very effective in repairing minor imperfections in the patient’s teeth. Better yet, veneers typically last for many years before having to be replaced. If you’re like many other dental patients from in and around Cedar Park, Texas, you may be wondering about the typical porcelain veneer prices are in our area. In this article, we provide you with some prices, along with other helpful information so you can more easily decide if porcelain veneers are the right choice for you.

Dental Issues that Veneers Can Repair

We mentioned above that veneers are often used to repair “minor imperfections,” and that includes the following:

  • Badly stained teeth – Teeth that are badly stained and can’t be whitened by traditional whitening methods can be restored to their original shade with veneers. This is often the case with people who suffer from eroded enamel on their teeth. Once that enamel is compromised, it can leave teeth looking yellow. And no amount of whitening will change that hue. Veneers not only change the shade of the tooth back to a healthy white gleam – they also protect the enamel from any further damage.
  • Chipped, cracked or broken teeth – If you have one or more teeth that have minor chips, cracks, or breaks, veneers may be an excellent way to repair them. Remember that if a tooth is badly broken, it is likely that you’ll need some other dental procedure in order to save the tooth and mend the damage. But for teeth with small chips or cracks, veneers not only restore the teeth to their original appearance; they protect the existing natural tooth and prevent more damage from taking place.
  • Worn-down teeth – Teeth that are worn down for whatever reason (from grinding your teeth at night, for example) can be restored to their original length with veneers. The porcelain material used for veneers is extremely strong and durable, and it can actually be built up and shaped to create a completely natural-looking, normal-sized tooth.
  • Uneven or poorly shaped teeth – Just as veneers can restore worn-down teeth, they can also be used to even out teeth that are of different lengths, or to repair poorly shaped teeth.
  • Close gaps between teeth – If you have wider-than-normal gaps between your teeth, veneers might be effective in closing those gaps by building up the mass of the tooth and filling the space in between them. (It should be noted that if you have very large gaps between your teeth, or if you have “crowded” teeth, you’ll probably need orthodontic treatment to change the position of your teeth.)

But you should know that if you have more serious oral health concerns – such as tooth decay or gum disease, for example – you’ll need to have those problems fixed before your dentist will consider you for veneers. And going through the procedures necessary to return you to good oral health will add to the overall price of veneers, although most dental insurance policies should help to cover the cost of procedures such as fillings, crowns, etc.


What Are Typical Porcelain Veneer Prices in Cedar Park, Texas?

We should warn you right upfront: porcelain veneers are not inexpensive. But there’s a good reason for that. Applying dental porcelain to teeth in such a way that looks natural and perfect at the same time requires a lot of specialized training and experience on the part of the dentist. So it’s always important to make sure that you choose a dental provider who has that training and background. Although the exact price of dental veneers depends on a lot of variables – such as the material used, the price differences of providers, the number of teeth that will be covered by veneers, etc. – the price range of porcelain veneers in the Cedar Park, Texas area usually falls between $1,700 and $2,500 per tooth. For people who want a completely new smile and choose to have all of their visible teeth covered by veneers, the cost typically ranges from $17,500 to $25,000. That sounds like a lot of money – and it is – but there are several different ways that you might be able to afford veneers, even if these numbers make that sound impossible. Here are a few ways to afford veneers:

  • Ask your dentist about composite resin veneers. These usually cost significantly less (typically between $250 and $1,500 per tooth), although the material is not as durable and doesn’t last as long as porcelain. Still, this may be an option in order to reduce costs.
  • Find the right dental insurance policy. Many insurance policies won’t pay for cosmetic dental procedures, and veneers are usually considered to be cosmetic. However, some insurance companies will cover part of the cost of veneers if you upgrade your policy. Ask your insurance company/agent for more information.
  • Ask your dentist if they offer a payment plan. Many dentists offer their patients some form of in-house payment plan for dental veneers and other cosmetic dental procedures. Most of these plans allow the patient to pay a small amount upfront, then make payments over time. Every dental practice is different, so ask yours if they offer such a plan before signing up for veneers or any type of cosmetic procedure.

Porcelain veneers prices in the Cedar Park, Texas area may sound high, but remember that there are some creative ways to fit the cost into your budget. Often it’s just a matter of working out a payment plan with your dentist. And most patients with porcelain veneers would agree that it’s worth every penny! Almost nothing boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem more than a beautiful smile, and when it comes to attractive smiles, nothing can compare with the results achieved by porcelain veneers. To find out more about prices in the Cedar Park, Texas area, and to learn more about the fast and easy process involved in getting new porcelain veneers, contact your dentist and schedule an appointment today!

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