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An important treatment for the natural tooth if the root or pulp of your tooth has become infected from either a cavity or injury is a root canal! Myths surrounding the idea of root canals (including being painful, that you should just get a full tooth replacement, or they can cause illnesses) have all been disproven with research. The evidence of modern advancements and technology today can show you how root canal treatments are more cost-efficient and convenient to save your smile.


Here at Bowcutt Dental in Cedar Park, Texas, we strive to provide the best comfort and restoration to relieve you of any pain. Our root canal therapy procedure includes the following steps:


– First, a local anesthetic is administered by your dentist, numbing the tooth. Your dentist may place a rubber dental dam surrounding the tooth to keep it dry during the procedure.


– Then the middle of the tooth will be accessed with tools, creating an opening on top of the natural tooth. Damaged and diseased pulp will be removed with files and any remaining pulp will be washed out with water, cleaned, dried, and an antimicrobial solution will then be applied to kill any remaining bacteria.


– Then a rubber-like material, gutta-percha, will be used to fill the empty chamber. While you wait for your dental crown, a temporary filling will most likely be placed on top of the opening until it’s sent back and placed by your dentist. To help support the natural tooth in the chamber a metal post may be placed as well.


Let Dr. Kevin Bowcutt and our dental professionals give you the best dental care for you and your smile. Call Bowcutt Dental at 512-792-2707 to set up an appointment for your root canal treatment at our clinic here in Cedar Park, Texas, today!