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Enamel erosion is a problem of which people are not often aware, and it can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease. If possible, it’s best to avoid enamel erosion so you can have a healthy and comfortable smile. Here are a few tips

-Avoid eating acidic foods. Acid can erode your tooth enamel.

-If you do choose to eat these foods, you’ll want to eat them in combination with dairy or protein, which contains elements that can counteract the effects of the acid.

-You can also wash the acid away by drinking lots of water.

-Drink acidic beverages with a straw. The beverage will pass through your mouth and skip the teeth altogether.

-If you don’t have a straw, drink your acidic beverage quickly rather than sipping it throughout the day to limit exposure.

-Wait for 30 minutes to brush your teeth after you have consumed something acidic. If you don’t, the acid will simply be spread amongst your whole set of teeth and will wear away your enamel.

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