How Often Do I Need To Floss?


The best way to deal with oral health problems is to prevent them from happening. This means brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Unfortunately, most people do not floss as often as they should. If you do not floss regularly, you run the risk of developing cavities between your teeth, which could lead to significant long-term dental concerns. So, just how often do you need to floss? Remember to reach out to Kevin Bowcutt, DDS, for help with all of your dental needs.

You Should Floss Your Teeth Every Day

You need to floss your teeth every day. It can be difficult for people to remember to do so, but it is critical for getting food debris out from in between your teeth. If you allow food debris to live in between your teeth, bacteria will digest this food and release acid as a byproduct. This can lead to cavities. For these reasons, make sure you remove this food debris using dental floss. There are a few tips you should follow to make sure you floss your teeth effectively.

The Top Tips for Flossing Like a Pro

Some of the most important tips you should follow to make sure you floss effectively include:

    • Use the right dental floss. You need to find dental floss that is easy to wrap around your fingers and is strong enough to get in between your teeth. They also make dental floss specifically for children and those with braces. These are common populations that struggle with traditional dental floss.
    • Remember to move the floss down the sides of both teeth. This means that you should move the dental floss in between each pair of teeth twice.
    • Get on a regular schedule to make sure you don’t forget to floss every day. You should either floss your teeth with your morning brushing session or your evening one.
    • Talk to your dentist for recommendations on types of dental floss and flossing techniques. That way, you make sure you protect your teeth accordingly.

If you are looking for help learning how to floss your teeth, it would be our pleasure to help you. Let us help you make sure that your teeth are healthy with the right floss and flossing techniques.

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Even though brushing and flossing your teeth regularly can go a long way toward preventing dental issues, they will not be enough to properly take care of your teeth by themselves. That is why you always need to reach out to a local dentist for help. You should visit the dentist every six months for a professional dental cleaning, and we would be happy to help you.

At Kevin Bowcutt, DDS, we have always put the needs of our patients ahead of our own, and it would be our pleasure to do the same for you. Contact us today to make an appointment! It would be our honor to help you take care of your teeth.

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