If young patients or adults have a difficult time at the dentist, or is children are extremely uncooperative, our dentist may recommend IV sleep dentistry in Cedar Park, Texas. Sometimes, children can have such severe dental anxiety that it becomes difficult for Dr. Kevin Bowcutt to work perform treatment, and patients may not be able to get the proper care they need. IV sedation can help calm patients and allow our dentist to perform necessary procedures. IV sedation may also be necessary if a patient must undergo significant surgical procedures.

IV sedation, or general anesthesia, can bring up a lot of questions. Below, we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Who should receive general anesthesia?
Children with special needs, those who have severe anxiety or dental phobia, or for the very young who cannot understand how to cope with dental care in a cooperative fashion.

Is general anesthesia safe?
IV sleep dentistry is quite safe, although there is risk for every type of anesthesia. It is safe and effective when administered by an appropriately-trained professional, such as Dr. Kevin Bowcutt, and with the right type of ADA-approved equipment.

What special considerations are associated with general anesthesia?
If you or your child has experienced any previous side effects from anesthesia, or if they have a physical condition that may create complications, our dentist may recommend a physical exam that would provide information for our dentist that would ensure your safety during a given procedure. If there is any illness that occurs prior to your or your child’s appointment, the dentist needs to be aware.

For more information, or to ask any questions not addressed here, please contact Bowcutt Dental at 512-792-2707. Our IV sleep dentistry includes giving our patients get the treatment they need in a safe and comfortable setting. We will monitor you or your child, ensuring high-quality care every step of the way. We look forward to your visit to our practice soon!